When will my order ship?
Orders usually take 1-2 weeks to ship (this is because I have a day job!) Let me know if you need it earlier! Usually I can make it happen. Internationally takes a bit longer - 3-4 weeks or so.

Do you ship to my country?
Yes! Even the ones that have been tricky!

I made a mistake when I placed my order. Can you fix it?
Just send me an email (or tweet at me) ASAP, and I should be able to resolve any issues with your order.

What kind of shirts do you print on? 

Tultex 2020 tees. They have a tighter fit.

Do you know the shirts run small?
Yes! Most American Apparel-type tees run much more snug than you'd expect. Check the Size Chart if you want to be sure!

Who does your printing?
Forward Printing in Oakland, Ca.